Hunting for an apartment can be time consuming, hectic and requires a lot of patience, if you really want to secure the most suitable apartment. I know everybody wants to live a very comfortable life in one of the best houses in our various environments. But don’t end up making the wrong choice because once you already paid for it and move in, you have no other option but endure the consequences or fix whatever needs to be amended.

However, there are few crucial factors you must consider when hunting for an apartment, which I’m about to share with you.


Sometimes you need to see an abstract idea or a physical thing from another individual’s point of view. You can’t always make the best decision for yourself. Especially when it comes to sensitive decisions like selecting an apartment, picking a dress for an outing, etc. If you’ll be living with a partner either a friend or spouse, it’s best you tag that person along, so that you can both spot your differences about the apartment and come to an agreement.
So, do not go hunting all by yourself, just in case you might need help with making the right choice.


As much as you’ll love to get a very beautiful and comfortable apartment, have you considered its proximity in terms of how close it is to your means or source of survival (your place of work)? It is very vital that you put the distance and how much it is going to cost you into consideration. Else, you’ll end up using almost every bit of your salary as your transport fare and be left with a token at the end of every month. If you’ve got a ride, you are not excluded. It also applies to you. Food For Thought there!


You don’t want to always stand beside a street pole, your balcony, or begin searching for a corner in your apartment that’s got good coverage, so you can receive calls. If you are one of those people whose phones ring severally and who also can’t do without surfing the net or chatting via all forms of social media platforms. You should consider ensuring that this new hood has got awesome network coverage. Else, you’ll be so frustrated when your friends and family can’t reach you. It’s like living lonely life.


No one else but you is going to finally end up paying and living in that apartment. So, why don’t you explore every inch of the apartment? Make your way to the bathroom and find out if the taps or the shower is running. Even if it is, be sure to also find out how well it functions. Imagine your shower dripping in an awkward manner; it’s certain you will spend approximately 30 minutes – 1 hour everyday in the bathroom. Also, feel free to check out the kitchen (its size, how ventilated it is, the cabinets and so on), the toilet (you might discover some water closets can be very disgusting because it’s an already used one, please ensure your toilet is appropriately built and facilitated).


Also as important as checking out your facilities, please make enquiries on their power supply. Do not make the mistake of ignorantly settling for an apartment in an area where they’ve been denied access to electricity for three to 6 months. It’s going to eat you financially. Here is why; you will begin to buy fuel or diesel more often in other to power your generator (how many litres can you afford per week in a month), you will also have to either go all by yourself to buy/fetch water or you pay someone else to have that done in other to ease the stress, so what happen the day you are so broke and can’t afford to buy fuel? Think Wisely!


The sunny and dry days will definitely not pose as a problem however have you thought about the rainy days? Do you wish to live an area that becomes an ocean during the rainy days? Do you wish to always have to take off your shoes and if you are a man, roll up your trousers and literally trek amidst the Red Sea? If you own a car, you might be lucky to survive this, if you don’t own even a bike, maybe you should think twice before you settle for this. Please, investigate more on how weather friendly this environment is. You can easily do that by simply having an interaction with a neighbour!


How do you feel when you wake up every morning with sad or suspicious look on your neighbours’ faces? Why? Because yesternight Mama Goodness was robbed, two nights ago, Aunty Linda’s shop was burgled, last week it was Mama Ibeji’s flat and you begin to sleep with one eye opened every night, wondering when it is going to be your turn. What about areas where people either get kidnapped or women get raped often? Do your homework! Ask if there is a security programme or officials in the neighbourhood. Ask questions! Please, feel free to ask any question! Your home should be an alternate escape from the harsh outer world!

I hope these few tips of mine helps as you proceed with your House Hunting. Remember, Investigate and ask questions!!!

Good Luck!!!

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