Your current account is very important. This is because often times, you conduct heavy-ticket transactions through it. Because of its importance, protecting your current account from online frauds and cyber security breaches is critical.


When you’re equipped with the right knowledge, you can keep your account secure by taking the proper precautions like never saving your debit card information to a website or regularly monitoring your current account for unauthorised activities. According to, here are 10 ways to protect your current account:


1. Only buy from secure sites

If you need to buy products from or services online using the payment card details of your current account, make sure you do so from secure websites.


2. Never save your payment cards number on a website

Under no circumstances or reason whatsoever should you allow your debit card numbers to be saved on any website. This is particularly important, because it can make your current account vulnerable.


3. Avoid making purchase online over open WiFi network

Public WiFi or open WiFi networks can be very dangerous for transactions involving your current account. If you have to make purchases or do other transactions online involving your current account, make sure it is not over an open WiFi network.


4. Never give any card number to unsolicited request

The payment card on your current account, like any other type of account you may own, is very important. Make sure you do not give the number out anyhow.


5. Check ATMs for skimming devices

ATM fraud is increasingly becoming rampart in Nigeria and elsewhere in the world. There is a need for you to make sure you protect your current account by making sure you do not use your debit card on an ATM with skimming devices. Skimming devices are fraud gadgets that scammers fix on ATMs to collect cardholders’ personal banking details, including their passwords secretly.


6. Check your account regularly for unauthorized withdrawal or charges

Checking your current account regularly is important. This will help you to know on time if anyone has gained unauthorized access to your account.


7. Check your account statement regularly for potential fraud

There is a need to obtain from your bank your account statement on a regular basis. This will help you to monitor your current account for potential fraud.


8. Create a unique password

For your current account, you need to create a unique password comprised of letters, numbers and symbols. This will help you to have a strong password over the fund in your current account.


9. Don’t access your current account from a shared computer

Make it a rule never to access your current bank account from a shared computer. Accessing your current account from a shared computer can pose some dangers to your current account.


10. Don’t click on spam emails

You need to also make it a rule never to click on spam emails coming into your inbox, especially the one you use for your banking activities.

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