By definition, weight is a body’s relative mass, while a calorie is a unit of energy. However, in nutrition (which we are basing our topic on), calories refer to energy consumption through eating and drinking and energy usage through physical activity. For example, an egg contains 70 calories, which can be equated to a mile walk which uses up between 70-100 calories.

Everything we consume contains calories, from food to drinks to fruits etc. A lot of people don’t realize that every item that goes into making a meal has its own number of calories. Your tomatoes, seasoning, vegetable/palm oil all add-up to the total number of calories the finished meal would contain. The amount of calories we consume per day is directly related to how much we weigh on the scale.



Calorie Requirements

For an adult male:

With an ideal weight and moderate daily physical activity – 2000-2500calories (per day)

Overweight/Obese and requires to shed some weight – 1500-1800calories (per day)

For an adult female:

With an ideal weight and moderate daily physical activity – 1500-2000calories (per day)

Overweight/Obese and requires to shed some weight – 1200-1500calories (per day)





Knowing the amount of calories that each meal contains is key to achieving a calorie deficit and staying within your daily calorie-intake. Having a good idea of the calorie content of each of the ingredients of a meal helps you stay on-course.

Here are the calorie contents of some of Nigeria’s popular food items;




One slice of whole wheat bread 69


One egg 70


One serving of quaker oats (1/2 cup) 150


One tablespoon of honey 64


One cup of sweet potato (100g) 86


One raw ripe plantain (100g) 122


One raw unripe plantain (100g) 116


Wheat flour (100g) 340


Cooked white beans (100g) 138


White cornmeal (100g) 334


Yam (100g) 118
One pack of noodles (small pack, different flavors) 330-360


Steamed white rice (100g)/Basmati (100g)/Brown rice (100g) 130/121/111


Dry Garri (100g) 360


Two tablespoon of Nigerian stew 80


One average size samosa 80


One snail (100g) 136


One slice of white bread 79


One slice fried plantain (one bukka slice each) 68


Vegetable oil/Palm oil (tablespoon) 124/120


One boiled chicken lap with/without skin (100g) 290/201


One boiled chicken breast with/without skin (100g) 165/110


One medium size apple 72


One normal size banana 105


Cucumber (100g) 16


Watermelon (100g) 30


Orange (100g) 47


Cooked spaghetti (100g) 158


Catfish (100g) 184


Baked beans (100g) 151


Red beans (100g) 127


Turkey breast (100g or 4oz) 150


Beef (100g) with no fat around it 250


Fish (Tuna/Mackerel /Salmon/Sardine/Lobster) per 100g 116/167/146/217/97



Egusi Soup (two pieces of meat/few  chunks of stockfish) 700 per serving


Okra Soup (two pieces of fish/little palm oil) 105 per serving


Ewedu Soup (with nothing) 97


One normal size bean cake (akara) 71


Wheat flour (100g) 364


Corn (100g) 86


Pap/Akamu (100g) 66


1raw plum tomato/A quarter onion/

One Maggi cube




Amala/Ready-made pounded yam (one medium wrap) 175/201


1/5 tablespoon of curry powder 1


1/5 tablespoon of thyme 0.04


Salad (1cup green lettuce{5calories}/3medium size tomatoes{22calories}/1cup of chopped cucumber{16calories}/1tablespoon mayonnaise{57calories}/1egg{70calories} 170

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