You are probably used to the old method of cooking your coconut milk extract oil. Today, I will take you through the cold process method popularly known as The (Fermentation Method).


Mature Coconut, Hammer (to break the shell), Knife, Blender, Bowl, Sieve, Water (hot), Transparent Bucket with cover

Step 1

Break your coconut and use a knife to remove the coconut meat from the shell. Slice into tiny bits and wash with warm water.

Step 2

Wash and rinse your blender thoroughly. Put the sliced coconut into the blender and add hot water. Let the water cover the coconut to the brim. Then, blend till it’s as smooth as your blender can go.

Step 3

Get your bowl, wash and rinse the bowl, Put your sieve on it, pour the blended coconut milk into the sieve and sieve out the milk. You can re-blend the coconut to get more milk from it.

Step 4

Pour the sieved milk into the transparent bucket and put it in a permanent position at room temperature. Allow it to ferment for 3 days.


Note: Make sure that nobody moves it from that permanent position. You can also put it in a turned off microwave to get that warm temperature needed.

Step 5

After 3 days, you will get 3 layers. The first layer will be milk; the second layer will be the coconut oil, while the third layer will be water. Scoop out the first layer (the milk), then carefully scoop out the oil. Discard the water.

Step 6

Put cotton wool on your sieve and carefully sieve the oil into any cover jar or container with cover.


Here you have your healthier coconut oil the act that this didn’t pass through the fire makes it retain all the need values which can be use for so many things. 


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