Has your system being slowing down while you perform multi tasks on it or while you play heavy games on it? Worry no more, here is a concept of Virtual memory means. You can increase your RAM by using any device as Virtual Ram. Below are the steps to follow:

  1. Get a USB flash or a USB drive or USB key.
  2. Rename it as “RAM DRIVE” or something similar so that you can see which drive is being used as RAM.
  3. Delete all files on the USB flash or better still, format to eradicate hidden files as well.

4.  Right click on My Computer and go to Properties. Once there, click on Advanced and go to the   system output’s Settings. Click on Advanced and then edit.

  1. click on your thumb drive above, and select “user-defined size”. Here you can see the size of your flash drive.
  2. Now calculate the size of the flash drive, and subtract 5MB. Type this number in the first box. In the second box, type in the same number.
  3. Click Set and confirm all your settings, applying them wherever you can.
  4. Restart your computer and enjoy.

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