You are a bride-to-be but you and your fiance are facing financial challenges like is common to many yet you must be married in few weeks/months. It’s worse if your family and friends seem to be ‘managing’ and gradually, you begin to panic.

You begin to have a sequence of flashbacks. Tamara’s wedding was awesome, her wedding dress yelled the big AMAZING! Shola’s wedding was the talk of town with the sophisticated  chandeliers, the decoration, the cake! Oh my God! it was just heavenly and the venue was filled to the brim. Then reality hit you, your wedding does not seem to follow that pattern. In fact, you strongly believe it would go down in history as the worst wedding ever.


Babe! worry no more. Why not plan a low budget wedding which would be less expensive, save you a lot of stress and still be wonderful. Yeah? Alright. The simple trick to achieving this is for you to focus on the real deal and ignore the “extras” or better put, the unnecessary stuffs. Here are some tips that’ll help you plan a low budget wedding party.



It really is cool that people want to celebrate with you but, sweetheart, why give yourself headache by inviting about 30,000 people to your wedding when you can just invite 100? Isn’t this wedding just about you and your spouse? The lesser the number of guests you invite, the better for your purse and the road traffic.



Why stress yourself giving a printer the contract of printing your invitation card when you can actually do it yourself? The trick is simple; if a friend of yours is into origami, you could talk him into making your card for free. If not, there really is nothing wrong with making a soft copy and sending it via Whatsapp and other social media platform to those who made your guest list right.



If you are a great cook, there really is nothing wrong with doing the cooking yourself. If you are otherwise, you could ask your mom or your mom’s friend or your friends to help you with the cooking. Chances are, you probably would not need more than three hands in the kitchen. More so, you can use your gas or stove or whatever cooker you have. Trust me, you would not have to cook up to a bag of rice depending on how short your guest list is.



You don’t have to pay! Again, you don’t have to pay. Consider using a place you do not need to pay for. For example, a friend’s spacious compound or your church’s car park (provided your pastor is generous enough not to charge you)  or at home if it is conducive enough. The point is, there is always a free alternative to that expensive venue.



Ask people for help not gifts if you and none of your family members know nothing about decoration. Another thing that could work would be you learning how to do decorations through those YouTube videos. We’re also working on an Howto article and video to help you with this. This way, you are reducing cost drastically.



Are flowers exactly necessary? If they are to you, then pluck some from your backyard garden. There are also many local shops around that sell flowers at decent prices. Why not patronize them and at least try to negotiate the price. If not, then you should opt for fake flowers. Honey, it is just a day’s occasion. 



Take a deep breath. Most times, there is this lovely dress you have been dying to have but it is ‘veeeeeeeery’ expensive. Sweetheart, my advice is for you to rent a wedding dress or, if you have a friend whose wedding dress was awesome, consider buying it from her or renting it for your day. The plan is to save cost right?



Pictures are a way of capturing life time experiences and saving them to refresh our memories of how that moment made you feel. Now you understand how important it is but you do not have enough money to hire a photographer. First of, who said you need a photographer before this rare moment can be captured? babe, with the advent of technology and a lot of mobile phones with great cameras, why not just ask a friend to help take some shots? However,  if you still need a photographer, hire him for a couple of minutes to help you take some important shots. That way, you will save money.

But honestly, I think pictures are one of the most things on the wedding day. So, please ensure you take pictures. You could also hire a inexpensive photographer. The pictures from the day may be the most treasured thing after all.



They say the ring is a symbol of love so I guess that makes it sort of important. There are many deals and opportunities to get a good ring at decent prices. So, you do not have to wear Miley’s or Mariah Carey’s ring before the ring can symbolize your love. No matter how cheap or expensive your ring is, all that matters is the meaning it carries and the person that gave it to you.



Thinking of hiring a live band? Think again because you could just use a DJ or even get good speakers and an iphone or correct android device with a good music player(or even virtual DJ), load your desired/favourite wedding songs. Once you have this, you are good to go.

The plan is just to save cost without regretting it. So, have fun at your wedding!

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