Some people complain about not having time for gym. Honestly, we can’t deny the fact on how effective gyms are in fitness but there are ways one can maintain fitness without gym.

This ways are;

  1. Pushups: this is a regular exercise that can really help in chest enlargement and fitness. Daily workout will reduce weight and work on your muscles.
  2. Jogging: this helps in body fitness, if you want to lose those excess weight of yours, try jogging. You can also jog on a spot, playing music or watching TV.
  3. Walking: walking over a long distance also contribute to lose of weight. You can walk faster or maintain a momentum over a period of time. This can be done early in the morning.
  4. Try out some Exercise: there are some exercises you can try out without necessarily going to the gym. Such as ABS WORKOUT, CHEST WORKOUT, BACK WORKOUT, LEG&GLUTEUS WORKOUT etc.


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