Before purchasing a computer system or laptop, ensure you know the capacity of it. The capability of a system doesn’t have to do with the size of the CPU or Monitor. To know the capacity of a system, the following are necessary to take into consideration;

  1. The speed of the Processor

The speed of a processor is usually measured in MHZ (Megahertz, or million of pulses per second) and GHZ (Gigahertz, or billion of pulses per second). The higher the speed, the better the computer operation.

  1. The size of the Hard drive

Hard drive is a storage device found in the system. This is where the Operating system is installed. You can also store files and document here. So the larger the size, the longer the usage.

  1. The size of the Ram
  2. The battery Longevity.
  3. The GPU (Graphics Processing Unit).

With this knowledge, i believe you can determine the capability of a system. any thought of this, Please leave in the comment section below. Thanks.

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