Let say the truth, marriage is not a playground. For those who are in, will tell you their experience. Infidelity destroys marriage. It is one of the worst thing that can happen to a relationship. If you are in this state and want to correct this error, no need to worry I will show you how to fight against infidelity in marriage.

  1. Avoid secret

With all that is given to you in marriage, avoid keeping secret from your spouse. Your account password, phone, bank detail etc.

  1. Love your spouse

Choose to love your spouse, no matter what. Love is not a feeling but a choice. If you having issue with loving your partner, Pray to God to help you.

  1. Make decision that is in the best interest of your partner.

Some decisions we make without our partner knowledge can break a long relationship. So endeavor to keep your partner abreast with your decisions if any.

  1. Communication

Communication in a relationship is very important. Without it, I don’t think a relationship can last. You should also let them know what is in their mind that is the essential of communication.

  1. Avoid temptation

The last thing is to find yourself in a lustful desire. If you are to meet anybody its should in a public place. This is to avoid temptation by all course.

  1. Spend quality time with your spouse

Time is of great essence, make out time with your partner. The most successful marriage you see, do make out time for their partner.

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