With the excitement of having a spouse, now you want to bring out the best in him or her. There is a cycle that revolves around a relationship; she must be loved and he should be respected. This will be your guide in the course of having a sweet relationship.

Here are some ways to actually bring the best in your spouse.

  1. Speak positive words: This is where couples get it all wrong. The way you want your spouse to behave depends on the amount of words you say to him or her. If you want to see something good, speak positive words, vice versa.
  2. Don’t be too quick to judge: This happens frequently in relationship. Before you judge your spouse, make sure you have substantial evidence.
  3. Be fast to listen and slow to speak: Making reference to the bible; James 1:19, spouse should always have the culture of being slow to speak especially the women. Don’t ever say something that you will end up regretting later.
  4. See the best in him or her: Do not maximize the flaws of your spouse but instead minimize the flaws and maximize the best in them. This will increase their confidence in you.
  5. Communication: Communication in every relationship is very important. if the communication in your relationship is suffering, your relationship is suffering.
  6. Learn to appreciate each other: Sweet and lovely words can go a long way. Learn to appreciate each other, even in little. Pay attention to the little things your spouse does and appreciate. Compliment his or her looks, hair, food, dress etc.
  7. Render assistance to her: Sometime, you have to help her in the house chores. Picking the kids from school, help in the kitchen. The little way you can be of help will make her feel loved.
  8. Pay attention: Always pay close attention to your spouse feelings. Don’t say she is nagging, try and know the reason why and listen.
  9. Encouragement: As a man or woman in a relationship, it is advantaged that you always encourage your spouse in the various endeavors. This way, he or she will feel loved.

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