A bonafide Citizen is one that is a legally recognized subject or national of a state. It is also an inhabitant living in a particular town or city.

In Nigeria, there are three (3) ways of becoming a bonafide citizen;

    By Birth

Under birth, one can become a citizen by these conditions:

  • If you are born in Nigeria before October 1st 1960 and at least one of your parents should belong to a community in Nigeria.
  • If you were born in Nigeria after October 1st 1960 and one of your parents is a citizen of Nigeria.
  • If you were born outside Nigeria and one your parents is a citizen of Nigeria.

   By Registration

This is when one is not born in Nigeria none of your parents are Nigerian but one of your grandparents is a citizen or a foreigner marries a citizen of Nigeria. You are permitted to register if the following condition is meant.

  • Must be of good character
  • Must show clear intention of domiciled in Nigeria
  • Must take the Nigerian oath of Allegiance

  By Naturalization

  • No person shall be qualified to apply for the grant of a certificate or naturalization, unless he satisfies the President.
  • Any foreigner who does not qualify for citizenship by Registration but fulfills i to iii above including
  • He is a person of full age and capacity.
  • He is, in the opinion of the Governor of the State where he is or he proposes to be resident, acceptable to the local community in which he is to live permanently, and has been assimilated into the way of life of Nigerians in that part of the Federation;
  • He is a person who has made or is capable of making useful contribution to the advancement; progress and well-being of Nigeria;
  • He has taken the Oath of Allegiance prescribed in the Seventh Schedule to this Constitution; and
  • He has, immediately preceding the date of his application, either.


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