If you want to add labels to indicate how far the user is in the process, add a new element inside (or outside) the progress bar:

Step 1 Add HTML:

<div id=”myProgress”>

<div id=”myBar”>

<div id=”label”>10%</div>




Step 2 Add CSS:

/* If you want the label inside the progress bar */

#label {

text-align: center; /* If you want to center it */

line-height: 30px; /* Set the line-height to the same as the height of the progress bar container, to center it vertically */

color: white;



Step 3 Add JavaScript:

If you want to dynamically update the text inside the label to the same value of the width of the progress bar, add the following:


function move() {

var elem = document.getElementById(“myBar”);

var width = 10;

var id = setInterval(frame, 10);

function frame() {

if (width >= 100) {


} else {


elem.style.width = width + ‘%’;

document.getElementById(“label”).innerHTML = width * 1 + ‘%’;














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