how to treat & keep a good nanny

Ok, so now your search for a nanny is over and fortunately, you found a really good one that both you and your children really get along with quite well.  She’s very dependable and trustworthy and it seems that keeping her with you is the latest challenge. How can you make sure your good nanny stick around?

Here is a list of suggestions that can make a huge difference to your nanny and will guarantee that the relationship continues to prosper as you so desire.

1. Trust

Anyone will tell you that trust is the first step in any relationship, and this pertains to parent/nanny relationship as well. The first thing you want to do is trust your nanny, you make her feel empowered by doing so. It makes her feel confident in her choices and won’t have to second-guess every decision you make. It also shows to your children that she’s competent enough and that she deserves their respect. In the long run, everyone involved benefits from this.

2. Offer a fair wage

If you were given a below-average pay as salary at your own job, you wouldn’t be happy, it’s the same with your nanny. Depending on where you live, how many children you have, the duties involved, and your nanny’s experience and education, you may pay anywhere from N20,000 to N50,000 per month.

If you offer room, the range might be a bit lower, depending on her experience and your expectations. And if you plan to have your nanny work longer than eight hours a day or more than five days a week, you need to compensate her for overtime pay.

To determine what a competitive salary is in your area, ask nearby parents with nannies what they pay.

3. Offer to pay for transportation

Of course, if your nanny is transporting your kids around, you should be paying for any and all transportation. However, if your nanny stays late it is a really nice gesture to pay for a cab or an Uber ride home occasionally as well.

4. Leave petty cash with your nanny

If your nanny will be out with your kids and buying snacks etc. for them, leave cash ahead of time. This way your nanny doesn’t feel like she is digging into her own pockets. It can be awkward for your nanny to request you pay her back for the N50 bottle of water, but at the same time, she should never have to use her own cash on your kids.

5. Offer her food

Especially if she is there at mealtime, even if it is every time, you should always make the gesture of offering her food or tell her she can take what she like from the refrigerator/pantry. You can also text her beforehand and order her food, or make extra of whatever the kids are having. Keep in mind that if your nanny is constantly having to order takeout to your place, she is going to start seeing this as an added expense of what it costs for her to keep herself fed while she takes care of your kids. The idea is to be generous.

6. Tell your nanny of any change of plan

Carry her along in your plans even as it changes especially when you know it will affect the children and the family. This will show to her that you have some respects for her and that you trust her to handle your schedules with maturity, as well as it allows her to prepare herself for that change. Give her a chance to plan accordingly

7. Show your appreciation

Remember how good you feel when your employer tells you how important you are to your co-workers? Your nanny needs to hear the same thing. She’s doing a very important job for you, and it’s important to tell her often how much you value her and the job she’s doing.

You might write your nanny a thank-you note anytime she does something especially wonderful or brings her a small gift. If you’ve stopped at the market on the way home, bring her some fresh fruit. If it’s been a stressful week for all of you, a bottle of bubble bath would be a nice acknowledgment.

Celebrate her birthday and other special events. She’ll also be thrilled with an unexpected cash bonus for a job well done.

8. Be concerned about your nanny as a person, not just as an employee

Her job may be to care for your child, but she also has her own life. If she’s young, she needs time in the evenings to see people her own age. If she has a family of her own, don’t keep her overtime any more than you have to or she’ll feel like she’s having to choose between your children and her own.

Without prying, find out a little bit about your nanny. Does she like music? Is she a movie fanatic?

If she has children, ask to see their photos. The more you get to know her, the more she’ll feel like the important member of your family that she is.

9. Respect her privacy and teach your child to do the same

If your nanny lives with you, make sure everyone in your home knows that when the day is done, she’s off-duty. Her days off should be truly her own ­ no asking for last-minute household or babysitting help.

Communicate this to your child as well: For example, if your nanny has Sundays off, make sure your child knows that Sunday mornings aren’t the time to knock on her door and ask for breakfast.


I hope you find these helpful, I wish you the best of relationship with your nanny.


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