How to set up Email Auto Responder on Gmail

Sometimes you are busy with some other activities or on vacation that may keep you away from being online to reply your e-mails. Creating an auto responder will help assure your contacts that you got their messages and will respond as soon as you can. Consider following this strategy:

  • Add contact information for urgent matters to your auto responder. This could be the email address of a trusted colleague or a phone number under which you can be reached in an emergency.
  • Set up the auto responder only for people in your contact list. This prevents random people to get hold of your emergency number or other contact details.
  • Set up forwards for important emails. If you are expecting to hear from someone specific or on a particular topic, make sure those important emails are routed to a colleague who can respond immediately.



Go to your Gmail settings and under the general settings, find Gmail’s Vacation Responder 



Click the cogwheel in the top right of your inbox and scroll to the bottom of the General tab.



Choose the dates; compose your message in any format you want.



Turn the Vacation Responder On. To prevent strangers or spammers from getting hold of additional contact information or learn that your email account is active, select to only send a response to people in your Contacts.

how to set auto responder on gmail

Gmail allows you set a first and an optional last day, meaning you won’t have to remember to turn the auto responder off when you get back.


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