You recently got a new computer system, could be a laptop or desktop. And you are psyched about getting or downloading movies, songs, pictures etc. Well, that’s not a bad move but, how about you just take a chill pill for a second to try and confirm if your antivirus software is original or (if you do not have any antivirus software on your system) try to get an legit antivirus software.


Calm down oh! because as easy as ‘getting an original anti-virus’ sounds, it is one of the hardest task to accomplish. Why? it is quite easy to write viruses than it is to write ORIGINAL anti-viruses and it is not exactly easy to detect original antiviruses but below are some tips that can help you identify a legit antivirus;


  1. Buy your Antivirus software from a recognized source such as a recognized Microsoft dealer/company that majors in computer software because they most likely know more than you do and there is a really fair chance that they would not sell you a fake antivirus. Never attempt to download one from the internet because you are most likely to download a rogue antivirus software which would inflict more harm on your system. An example of a legit antivirus is Avast.
  2. Look out for an authentication code on the antivirus you purchased. This authentication code helps detect if your antivirus is licensed or not. It is important for your antivirus to come with license code because it means no one can access it but you.
  3. Once you install your antivirus, open the Windows Security Centre (WSC) on your system. It would scan your antivirus and tell/display if it is legit.


Note that you have to upgrade your antivirus from time to time because new viruses are written by crazy people daily. So to prevent your system from being plagued by a malicious virus or malware, never stop upgrading your antivirus software.


You may share other tips that have helped you recognize original antivirus and protected your computer system so we may learn too.

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