• Waiting for that one weekend when you get to tear the kitchen apart to do a thorough deep clean will be exasperating and tasking if a daily cleaning routine was never a habit.

    It is important to create and follow

  • How to build your opportunity recognition ability

    Can you get better at spotting the most promising opportunities? How do you recognize the next big thing? How does anyone know it when they see it ?

    If you’re

  • One of the biggest challenges that young people who are entrepreneurs face is that people don’t take seriously. People believe they aren’t mature enough to be entrepreneur and probably may not be able to han

  • Flat tyres can happen anywhere – in the middle of rush-hour city traffic, especially those Lagos traffic, in your own driveway or while road-tripping in an isolated part of the country.

    Knowing how to change a t

  • Pworld started the topic Welcome! in the forum Community 4 weeks ago

    Hello there,

    We just want to build a community where people can learn how to do stuff and live better.

    If we’ve not treated any howto you need, just create a topic and we hope to get as many responses and solutions to it.

    Many cheers.


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