It is important to set tangible goals when it comes to saving money and building wealth. Your savings goals can help you to achieve your dreams. You can save money to buy the beach house or to travel to Europe, or to retire early. The amount of wealth you build now will help you to live more comfortably when you are older. It can also put you in a place to help your children when they are grown, according to

How to set and reach savings goals


1. Set attainable and realistic goals.

You may want to start with small goals like saving 10 per cent of your income and slowly increase how much you save each month. It is also important to reward your milestones. This can help motivate you to continue to save even when it is difficult. Careful planning and discipline can help you to reach your goals much more quickly. Set a naira amount you want to save each month by the end of the year, and slowly raise your savings each month to begin to reach your goals.


2. Set goals to save in specific categories

Once you have a solid budget in place, you need to work on reducing spending in specific categories. It can help to focus on one or two areas each month to look for ways that can easily reduce the amount that you spend each month. For example, one month you may focus on your utilities and look for ways you can reduce your heating and cooling bills by checking for drafts and installing a new thermostat that is on a timer. The next month, you may look at ways you can reduce your entertainment or commuting costs to help you save money over the long run.


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