You may have a phone which you don’t use again, instead of dumping it to waste, why not turn into a security camera. There are prerequisite to accomplish this;

  • An android phone or tablet with camera.
  • A cable for charging
  • The security camera app.
  • Computer/web browser
  • WI-FI network

Getting the right security camera app is one of the vital part in accomplishing it which supports live streaming, motion alerts, cloud storage, remote control, multiple recording options, and IFTTT integration. Examples of such apps are; Manything, AlfredPresenceAtHome CameraPerchIP Webcam, etc.

A charging cable is also necessary to keep to phone on.

The computer/web browser are use to access, remote viewing, receive motion alerts and more features.

WI-FI network for access to the internet

Now, follow this Process so as to get it up and running;

  1. Download the app from play store
  2. Install and set your account by signing up
  3. Disable Auto lock in the Setting
  4. Select camera mode for device and viewer mode for new device
  5. Click on the Red button to start live stream
  6. The live stream will appear in the list of streaming on the new phone or you can use your computer to view it by going to the app website.

Voila you have finally turned that Smart Phone to a CCTV Security Camera. Was it simple?


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