There are various ways, one can have mouth odor. This varies, also with the treatment. But we will be talking about how treat or cure mouth odor easily. Mouth odor is an abnormal health condition that happens to about 35% of individuals around the world. It is often regarded as HALITOSIS (Bad Breath). Why do u think some person suffer from such ailment?

Below are the ways to treat/get rid of Mouth odor ;


  1. Avoid/Reduce smoking: smoking is one habit that if not properly checked can give you mouth odor. So try to avoid or reduce it.
  2. Practice good hygiene: Good hygiene has to do with brushing preferably twice a day.
  3. Take a lot of fruits: Taking a lot of fruits will help. The citric acid will simulate the salivary gland and fight mouth odor.
  4. Drinking water: Water helps in keeping the mouth moist. Also chew gum also help to avoid mouth odor
  5. Regular check up: Endeavor to see the dentist once every six (6) month for teeth cleaning and detect any symptoms of disease.


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