The computer system comprises of the Monitor, CPU, Mouse, Keyboard and so on. The computer is become a major equipment used in our daily lives and at which protecting is from virus attack is very paramount.

Virus stands for (VITAL INFORMATION RESOURCES UNDER SIEGE) is a program which can covertly transmit itself between computers via networks (especially internet) or removable storage such as USB drives; often causing damage to systems and data.

Having known our Computer system and Virus, there are great need to protect it for such attack in order for the computer system to function properly.

Some of the ways to protect the computer system from virus attack are:

  1. The use of Antivirus Program with regular updates. (e.g. 360 Total Security, Avast Security, Kaspersky, Norton etc. )
  2. Enable your Firewall: This can help to prevent phishing attack from the internet.
  3. Avoid unknown USB drives to your computer system
  4. Do not open spam email: Do not click on an unknown link sent to your email address, it might be threat of virus.
  5. Avoid opening spam website that can send virus to your computer
  6. Avoid downloading from unknown website but instead use recommended site.
  7. Always run a daily antivirus check on your system.

Did you know you can actually remove virus using your Command Prompt? Just click on “How to recover files from Virus infected storage device“. Hope you find this useful. Drop your thoughts in our comment section. Thanks

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