The USB stands for Universal Serial Bus. It is storage device that accept files, images, programs etc. It can be used to format your computer system, but first you must make it bootable.

Now am going to walk you through the process on how to make this possible.

  1. Click on your start menu, type CMD, right click and choose on “RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR”
  2. Type in “diskpart” enter
  3. Then type “list disk” hit enter
  4. Now type “select disk 1” hit enter.
  5. Type “clean” hit enter to remove all data
  6. Type in create part pri and hit enter
  7. Now type “Select part 1” hit enter
  8. Type “format fs=ntfs quick” hit enter. This format current part as NTFS.
  9. Then then type “Active” & hit enter.
  10. Lastly type in “exit” and hit enter


Voila, i believe you can now make any USB device bootable. Please share with us your thought in our comment section, Thanks

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