How to make Couscous

Couscous is a popular staple food in the Northern part of Nigeria but it is being accepted across the country. It’s a light yellow dish of semolina granules made from durum wheat. Most times it’s served with stews or vegetables. On the plus side, it’s really easy to prepare. Physically, it looks like round granules of Nigerian yellow garri and it tastes really good with tomato stew.

• 500g Couscous
• 1½  Cup chicken stock
• 2 Tablespoon Butter / Margarine


Step 1

Melt the butter/ margarine in a medium sized pot then pour over the chicken stock and heat till it boils. This takes about 5 mins

Step 2

Remove the chicken stock from the heat, add the couscous. Cover and set aside for five minutes until the couscous absorbs the whole chicken stock and swells.

Step 3

Return to the heat and cook gently for about 3 mins while fluffing continuously with a fork to separate the grains

Step 4

Turn off the burner and serve with a very light tomato stew  (This means you’d have to add more water or stock when preparing the tomato stew) garnished with stir fried runner beans, carrot & green pepper.


And that’s how easy it is. Try it! Use the comment box to share your thoughts.

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