Most people get nervous especially when giving speech in public places, this is due to some certain reasons. Here are quick ways to gain confidence in public.

  • Being nervous is normal:

Expect to be nervous especially if you are not a frequent speaker. Most professional speakers often get nervous when giving speech to a congregation for the first time. So being nervous is normal

  •  Prepare yourself:

Before heading out for a meeting/conference/seminar make sure that you prepare yourself.

  •   Practice & Rehearse:

Be sure to practice what you have prepared over and over. Walk around memorizing and improvising them.

  •    Focus on your Audience:

You must know your audience to make intelligent adjustment. The study of speaking is first and foremost the study of listening. To be an effective speaker you must understand the way people listen. Talk to an individual before your speech.

  •     Be confident:

Your audience don’t care if you are nervous or not, so is your responsibility not to show them. Act confidently, look them straight in the eyes.


Public speaking is not a born gift or talent, it’s a skills you learn, rehearse and practice.  I hope you find this useful, Please share your thought in our comment section. Thanks

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