How to Format a Computer System without losing files

Formatting a computer system generally means you are deleting all files and programs and installing a fresh Operating System. However, you do not have to lose your files. There is a way to install an operating system without losing your files. Follow these steps correctly to achieve this;


Step 1

Insert the DVD containing the Operating System


Step 2

Restart your computer system


Step 3

While the computer system will boots form the DVD, click on INSTALL


Step 4

Now you will be shown your different drives present in the system. Choose the drive you want to install the OS, make sure you DON’T click on format. Click on next.


 Step 5

Now the operating system is installing, wait for a while.


Step 6

When the process is finished, go to your CD drive, you will see “windowold”click on Users, then click on your PC name.


Step 8

Then you see your old files. Cut and paste them in the new windows.


Step 9

Make sure after pasting, you delete the “windowold” folder. 


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