To be academically intelligent has being everybody dreams but it seems impossible to achieve. Some say that some people were born with such abilities. But the truth is that, they weren’t but it take steps to achieve it.

So if you want to become intelligent, below are the ways:

  1. Change your attitude

Change in attitude has tremendous impact in the quest for intellect. Having a mindset of “Am not intelligent” has great effect on the mentality of people. Learn how to be in control of your emotions and thinking. Don’t give in to discouragement, but believe you’re the best. Stop comparing yourself with others, but instead see yourself above.

  1. Become a long-life learner

Becoming intelligent does not come over night, but continuous studies have proven the solution to it. Become a long life learner today and in no time you will be surprise with the result.

  1. Avoid Procrastination

This has become the worst enemy to intelligent. Try to avoid procrastination by all means because it will destroy like wild fire.

  1. Follow your Passion

People learn most effectively when they are passionate about. If you’re passionate about a particular subject you are bound to know it deeply. So therefore, find and follow your passion, it will help channel your interest of study.

  1. Challenge Yourself

Don’t be comfortable in your zone, but aim for higher level of intellect.

  1. Regular Exercise

Daily exercise helps keeps your mind and body in shape.

  1. Take care of your body

Avoid smoking and drinking, they are toxic to the brain. The brain is physical organ like every other in the body. Eat more of fruits and vegetables.


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