Some persons thinks that driving is scary, but the more you drive the more you get comfortable. To become a good driver, there are some things that you should take in consideration;

  • Avoid Over Speed

In Nigeria, the rate of over speed is alarming. This is where you will see a tanker driver trying to overtake a vehicle especially in Auchi Express Road and some other parts. Some drivers don’t take it upon themselves to take cautions while driving.

  • Avoid Drinking

Drinking while driving or getting drunk before driving is of great danger to yourself and humanity. You are not only endangering your life but the lives of others. So with serious warming avoid it like a plague.

  • Take Defensive Drinking Course

  • Don’t Sleep when Driving

  • Ensure to carry out proper checking of your vehicle before leaving the house

  • Ensure you have your complete driving permit

  • Obey Traffic Rules

  • Use your Signals correctly.

  • Ensure you take proper driving lessons before Driving.

  • Remember to give at least a comfortable distance between you and the driver ahead.

Hope you learnt one or two things, any thought on this feel free to leave in our comment section.

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