One of the biggest challenges that young people who are entrepreneurs face is that people don’t take seriously. People believe they aren’t mature enough to be entrepreneur and probably may not be able to handle business and the challenges that come with. This kills the spirit of these young entrepreneurs and some opt out of the race.

If you want people to take you seriously as a young entrepreneur, you may want to consider the following;

Find a solution to a problem

If you come to me as a young entrepreneur and you find a solution to a problem, whether the problem is personal or communal, I’ll be interested. It doesn’t matter how old you are.

Each time you do this, you’re going to be taken seriously.


Know more than anybody else does

For instance, look at Jay Jay Okocha as an entrepreneur,   he was a football player. His product was to distribute passes and put the ball in the net. He got paid probably $10 million to put the ball in the net at a tender age. Why? It’s because he knew more about the game than any other player his age, so clubs paid for him.

In your business, be it real estate, insurance, IT, media or whatever it is you do; know more than anybody else in your marketplace because you absolutely immerse yourself into the subject that you’re selling and know more than anyone else. That’ll make everybody listen to you. It doesn’t matter how old you are because you know a lot about that specific subject.


Start at the bottom and get dirty

There is something special about a young person, a young entrepreneur who is willing to get his hands dirty while learning.

Be willing to start at the bottom and work your way up. That way, you’d have experienced all the various challenges that will make you a better entrepreneur.


Have a good reputation

Nowadays, on social media, young people use profile pictures that don’t make people take them seriously. A young lady was offered a job and she spent more time sleeping than working. At the next job she got, her new boss heard that she normally sleeps during working hours.

People nowadays look at your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other new media accounts to decide whether to take you serious or not. You got to have a clean reputation if you want to be taken seriously as a young entrepreneur.

If you’re trying to close a deal, or get a contract and you can’t provide references, that’s a red flag already. You should be able to provide someone who trusts and can stand for you. That’ll make people take you seriously.


Make money

If you’re 19 years old and you’re making N1Million per month, people automatically want to know what you’re do that is making you that much, period. And of course, people will take you serious. Make more money (legitimately) than most people and people will automatically take you serious. It’s a simple as that.


Have a real opinion backed up by some facts

It’s very good for you as a young entrepreneur to have personal opinions about different subject matters. From the economy to politics, culture, business and many more. This will interpret maturity to people and they certainly will want to take you more serious than your peers especially if you have facts to back up with opinions.


Ask for responsibility

Ask people for what you can do for them. Ask for more than you’re basically required to do and you’ll be amazed at how much respect you’ll earn as a young entrepreneur.

Statements like; “Is there anything I can help you with”, “what can I do to help you”, “what do you need that I can help you do”, “how can I make work easier for you”, will earn you great respect.

The more responsibilities you take and deliver on, the more people take you serious.


Deliver and keep your word

I cannot tell you how much value there is in keep your word. When you’re given a task to accomplish and you agreed to do the task, if you fail to achieve it, you lose credibility, no matter the excuse you give.

So, try as much as possible to keep your word if you want to be taken seriously as an entrepreneur.

Make commitments, keep commitments!


Dress sharp

Yes, there are a lot of young entrepreneurs who do not dress sharp. In fact, if you’re engaged in some kind of work that no body gets to see you , it’s fine to dress  anyway you please.

However, dressing sharp will place you higher than the others who do not dress sharp. A lot of times, people even consider your dressing first before doing anything with you especially if you’re a sales person. It is highly important.




Listen to people who have had success and are giving you feedback on how to or how not to do things. Take counsel from people that have what you don’t have. There is a certain level of wisdom that a young person has who is willing to listen to counsel from somebody that has already been some place he hasn’t been.

If a person who has had a successful marriage is counseling you, it’s wise to listen to such a person so as to learn the secrets of marital success.


Acts beyond your years

As a young entrepreneur who wants to be taken seriously, you cant afford to be acting the way your peers act. If you’re 21 and you want to be treated the way a 31 year old will be treated, then ask yourself; how will a 31 year old behave, then behave like that. Walk, talk, think like that person.


Surround yourself with people that are way ahead of you

Find and associate yourself with people who are way better than you, wiser than you, richer etc It’s because you learn a whole lot from them. The experience they have, you do not have it so learn from them directly and indirectly to be able to think at their level because people around you will always influence you intentionally or otherwise.



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