The application of First Aid treatment is very essential to saving the human life especially while waiting for comprehensive medical attention. A dying patient may be a result of an accident, fainting etc. Knowing how to administer First Aid will always come in handy when you least expect.


Kindly consider the following steps, you never can tell whose life you will be saving;


Step 1

Make the patient comfortable, lay the person flat on his or her back, loosen all tight clothes, and lift the person leg to restore blood flow to the brain.

Step 2

Attempt to revive the person by shaking him/her vigorously yet gently.

Step 3

Check if the person is still breathing or if there is still pulse.

Step 4

Turn the patient over if he or she is bleeding or vomiting.

Step 5

Deal with open wounds and try to keep the person warm enough till professional medical help arrives.



I hope these steps will help you the next time you have to save someone. Share with me in the comment section if there are other steps that have helped you. Thanks.

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