How to Age Gracefully

People should rather than worrying about old age and ageing, should see it as a natural biological process of growing older till death comes.

Consider the following steps to achieve a graceful ageing process;



1. Live a healthy lifestyle

Ageing persons should embrace a healthy lifestyle through out life. By so doing, one will have a greater ability to engineer a positive approach to the ageing process. Establishing healthy lifestyle behaviors throughout one’s life influences optimal ageing.


2. Sleep Hygiene

The importance of relaxation and sleep called ‘Sleep Hygiene’ cannot be overemphasized. The bed should be used for sleep and sexual intercourse only. Going to bed at regular time every day and waking up at the same regular time every morning is very helpful while keeping in mind that daytime naps also affect night time sleep.


3. Connect

According to an orthopedic medical expert, ageing persons should set aside relaxation time, connect with others and do something they enjoy everyday. As well as keep to their sense of humor and be social.


4. Exercise and eat well

Do regular exercise, eat an enjoyable variety of nutritious foods (which should include plenty of fruits and vegetables, fibre), avoid skipping breakfast, do everything in moderation especially alcohol, drink more water.


5. See professional medical advice regularly

Consult doctors regularly and take prescribed medications and where applicable, consider sexual stimulants.


Written by Chief Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon at the National Orthopedic Hospital Enugu, Dr. Kene Madu

Culled from The Guardian

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