A career on radio has been a admirable career from time immemorial. With lots of young people desiring to get on radio, here are some steps that have been proven to help achieve this dream.



      Listen to the radio. Engross yourself in so many stations, programmes and contents, radio hosts all at once.
In Lagos, there are about 25 radio Stations. Listen to more than half of these stations. It is very important. What it does first, is let you know where you can fit in, probably notice a show where you feel you can contribute and get in
from there.

You will be surprised how much can be learnt from listening to others talk, how they present, coordinate and
carry on with affairs around being on-air. And for that moment you meet someone who works in radio or find yourself in one, it will be quite embarrassing if you are not able to tell what is done in and around where you wish to work.    
What this does is give an almost clear indication what you want to do.



      While listening, you definitely will find something which interests you, even preferably re-evaluate something you already have an easy inclination towards. An idea or two will come to you, even better, it might be a fresh idea that you haven’t heard anywhere on radio in your time listening around.

It will be best you start nurturing that idea for a programme and writing it down. With this, a direction on what you want to do and how will be established.



      Conviction can be a very attractive trait as you pitch an idea or try to talk your way into something. Imagine meeting up with someone who works in radio, how do you convince that individual you aren’t like the hundreds of other folks out there yearning to do radio and that you are actually made for radio and vice versa. It will come naturally if you were prepared. So, putting those ideas created down helps in the long run especially for impromptu moments. A decent enough proposal in the right hands (e.g programme director of a station) could be that very good start. 




      Internship is an integral part of getting into radio, I dare say, even more than an education. Getting hands on with presenters, the studio, equipments and experiencing how it works is quite important. It is like angling your foot in the door you are trying to force open. Depending on how well the Internship is used, it turns out to be a major opening for most folks. Makes your CV look better, gives you better ideas, and importance of meeting more people can’t be stressed further. 



      With the right proposal – right knowledge – You have created a door.

Sometimes all you need is to get up and go. Walk into a radio station, leave a letter to your favourite presenter, drop your demo and check back on it, ask to be mentored, give few ideas, indicate that you will like to learn. If one doesn’t get upfront and familiar with the people already in the industry, you most will never make a head start. 

This familiarity could be through social media and personal projects that can be attributed to you. Some of these projects could include working out some of your ideas into Youtube Vlogs or Podcasts. At this time you are quite armed to walk into a radio station, make a connection and expect directions on what step you are heading next in your career, even though it is most likely going to come as an unpaid job at the beginning.

But it wouldn’t be an issue because at this point you have done the most important thing – Getting a foot in the door.

Written by Debola Adebanjo (OAP, Inspiration FM Lagos)

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